You can’t feel Emotions through your fingertips.

Welcome Everyone to the NEW James Daniel Blog. There are so many subjects and people to write about. I will be updating the blog at least once a week. Welcome.

This week’s subject is about emailing, trying to find the best Entertainment, Photographer or any vendor for a wedding. I realize this a very busy time for everyone searching for THE BEST. An email is a GREAT way to start up a conversation with us. That being said, a follow up call or a face-to-face appointment, in my opinion is a great way to meet your vendors. The title here says it all. We as entertainers cannot get the feel of your emotions through the fingertips you type with.

Your Wedding is going to be The Greatest day of YOUR Lives. Emotions of any kind play a key role in that Amazing day. You have picked your favorite venue, including fabulous food and the like. Choosing the Entertainment Is key also. The right music, the right words said, introductions, speeches and anything else handled with you and your fiance’s dreams and wishes granted.

At James Daniel we handle Your Day Your Way. Feeling the love you share. The feelings and LOVE you want to share with friends and family are priceless. This is why I feel,talking to a person can convey that better than a typewritten message. I also realize there are a whole bunch of DJs in your area. Tough to choose. If PRICE is your main concern, You will definitely find someone at the lowest price.

When I am speaking with a bride a groom and their families, I light up like a Christmas tree. I truly love what I do. It is all about putting your hopes and dreams for YOUR perfect day into one Big Picture. You be the artist, we will do the painting together. Try calling or arranging a face-to-face, A little extra time, but we think you’re with it.

I will be blogging about a lot of different subjects weekly. If you have any questions call or you can respond here. Thank you all so much.

Sean Big Daddy.


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