How does it work?

shapeimage_23 Our casinos are run similarly to a regular casino except they are entirely for entertainment. The games we offer are Black Jack, Craps, Roulette, Poker or Texas Hold’em, and Money Wheel.

All games are played as they would at a regular casino and the play follows “house rules”. Our James Daniel Casino crew will BlackJack Table. Friends having a good time!bring everything you’ll need to set up the casino including the game tables, cards, chips, raffle tickets, and dealers.

All you pokerneed to do the night of the casino is have fun! Upon your guests arrival, our staff hands out the “funny money”. Our ‘funny money” is in denominations of $100 and we usually distribute $300 worth of ‘funny money’ to all your guests. Once the casino opens, guests can walk up to their favorite table and exchange their “funny money” for casino chips. Our casino chips are clearly marked with denominations that range from $5.00 to $100.00. The guests are now free to play at any table they choose.

At approximately 15 minutes before the end of the party, our dealers will start announcing the last hand, the last spin of the wheel and the last throw of the dice. Guests will then be instructed to “cash out” their remaining chips for raffle tickets. The standard conversion is one raffle ticket for every $100 in chips, rounding up as needed. What Do Guest Win? Usually guests play for prizes. The most common prizes include bottles of wine, gift cards, restaurant gift certificates, small electronics, tickets to sporting events/theater, or gag gifts. An appropriate prize is anything you think your guests will enjoy! (Prizes are not provided by James Daniel Entertainment.)