You can’t feel Emotions through your fingertips.

Welcome Everyone to the NEW James Daniel Blog. There are so many subjects and people to write about. I will be updating the blog at least once a week. Welcome. This week’s subject is about emailing, trying to find the best Entertainment, Photographer or any vendor for a wedding. I realize this a very busy time for everyone searching […]

Sean Big Daddy

From Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvah Celebrations all the to corporate and almost any event, Feel the passion and love for any celebration. Big Daddy has been performing for JDE for 20 years. He has had the pleasure of performing at some of the finest venues in the US!, My passion for life and people […]


A life-long resident of Stamford, Alex is a specialist in DJ mixing and event lighting. Having attended the Scratch Academy in New York City, where he learned to mix and scratch professionally, Alex has been an accomplished DJ for over 7 years. In addition to being one of our top DJs, Alex is James Daniel […]